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Out of Hours and Emergency Care: Call 01442 863101

Our lovely pets never like to time their sickness or accidents by the regular opening hours.
Here at St Johns vets in order to provide the best care day and night, our out of hours emergency care is provided by Vets Now.

Vets Now are a dedicated veterinary emergency service who have a skilled emergency team of night vets who are fresh faced and ready any time of night to see your poorly pet or for advice on the phone.

CALL: 01442 863101

During out of hours a recorded message will give you a number which goes directly to Vetsnow.


Vetsnow Out of Hours Service:
C/O Barton Lodge Veterinary Surgery
1 Midland Road
Hemel Hempstead
Telephone: 01442 768484


Details of any emergency veterinary treatment your pet receives at this centre will be emailed back to us so we can then continue your pet’s care.

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